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In interactive PDFs at disposal (english only) you'll find answers to questions hereunder, you'll understand why it could be useful to reconsider emulsifier-stabilizer formula, or you might also identify key concepts when it comes to ice cream texture, such as fat destabilization or ratio solid:liquid.

Ice Cream Scoopabilty, Freezing Point and Ice Fraction

Fat Phase Behavior Assessment

Emulsifier & Stabilizer Dosage

A few questions within our area of expertise. Among many others.

How relevant is the notion of ratio solid:liquid applied to ice cream?

This ratio illustrates the fact that the desired soft texture (state of matter) of an ice cream is a subtil balance between a product neither too hard and neither too soft. It applies to water content under the form of ice fraction calculation, and to fat content through SFC (solid fat content). Note that together water and fat represent 70% of a standard ice cream total mass.

How can I solve high viscosity issues ?

In most cases a high viscosity issue is related to polysaccharides molar mass and/or solid fat content, but it will also happen in fruity ice cream with low ph.

How can I obtain similar viscosity for different flavors?

You need to adjust stabilizers balance and dosage. Molar mass and SFC allow viscosity prediction.

How can I enhance ice cream smoothness?

Smoothness is defined as a suitable quantity, size and dispersion of air bubbles. It relies on product whipping ability, itself related to fat destabilization level and Solid Fat Content.

How can I make sure fat destabilization level in my ice cream is appropriate?

Melting rate and Melting behavior tests will give you an overview of fat destabilization level in your ice cream, and will allow comparison between different emulsifier formulations.

How can I optimize the emulsifier-stabilizer formula in order to enhance individual flavor performance?

It is a good direction to work on, and at the same time it would probably reduce your cost.

How can I make ice cream without using synthetic emulsifiers ?

It is possible to replace synthetic emulsifiers by natural lecithins, although you might not get appropriate fat destabilization levels.

How do I reduce the Melting Rate of my product (slower melting)?

The Melting rate is a central parameter in the sense that it reveals product weaknesses, and it provides the customer with a pleasant experience (or not!). It can be enhanced through several parameters.

How can i enhance the creaminess - unctuosity of an ice cream?

Creamosity parameter in simulator provides guidance on this subject.

How do I obtain the same scoopability for different flavors in my display?

You need to optimize/individualize the Freezing point and Ice fraction parameters of each flavor. The freezing curve we provide allows scoopability prediction at a glance.

How can I easily monitor temperatures fluctuations in my freezer or display?

A simple device, based on freezing point applications, will help you monitor potential temperature fluctuations in your freezer in a few seconds.

Would you assist me in creating a specific range of recipes?

We would try.

Can I design an ice cream recipe with only 5 ingredients? with 4? with 3?

Yes, it is possible.

Is there any specificity regarding plant-based ice cream recipes ?

Yes, there are, mainly when it comes to Creamosity, SFC, Scoopability, and Proteins isoelectric point in some cases.

Can I make ice cream suitable for people suffering diabetic condition?

It is possible to make an ice cream more appropriate for people suffering diabetic condition, while keeping intrinsec qualities of a good quality product.

How do I launch a functional and healthy ice cream line?

There are multiple directions on this subject, and it effectively matches a current global trend, but do not expect a magic “one-size-fits all” recipe. “Healthy” means using good raw material prepared in a good manner, while “functional” means adapted to a certain public.

Would you sell the recipes simulator and visualization graphs that go with it?

Yes, simulator we've developed will be on sales soon; customization options will be available too.

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