Save time and money when creating your ice cream recipe.

By using Freitdomo consulting services, you can save time and raw materials by means of accurate simulations, thus reducing the trial and error burden.

An original & revelatory visualisation.

We provide an assessment of your recipe based on the recipe calculator-simulator we've developped, which deconstructs ice cream recipes in a visual and revelatory way as illustrated in pictures hereunder. It includes composition details you'll find on your label, as well as informations about structure and texture.

Recipe assessment

Consider potential recipe optimization.

We also provide a recipe adjusted according to your needs (considering standard process and equipments)

Recipe adjustment

Deepening ice cream comprehension

We provide technical support on several ice cream related subjects, from flavors development, including customization of emulsifier-stabiliser formula, to insights on ice cream science.

Technical support

What is ice cream?

Ice cream is the common term that describes a family which encompasses several kinds of products. These are very elaborate and original dietary preparations. What is more, it is the only food that can be cut, scooped, and ingested at a temperature of -18°C.
Technically speaking, ice cream can be described as an emulsified frozen foam, in which ice crystals and air bubbles occupy a majority of the volume.

Indeed, on a physic-chemical plan, ice cream structure is extremely complex with three dispersed phases (fat globules / air bubbles / ice crystals) embedded in a continuous and highly concentrated semi-liquid matrix consisting of unfrozen water, dissolved sugars, proteins, salts and gums. These different phases are organized in such a manner that we have the sensation of a homogeneous unique-phase product when consuming it.

Therefore, the way we appreciate ice cream texture when we consume it relies on the sensorial perception of its structure. The smoothness, silkiness and unctuosity of a good ice cream relies on the size and dispersion of the ice crystals and air bubbles incorporated during freezing, as well as on the type and quantity of fats.

In other words, the complexity of ice cream's structural organization, which combines in a single product three states of matter (gas / liquid / solid), makes it a multiphasic system hard to master.

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